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The pier of Bazoin, offers a specific discovery of the wet marsh.


Located in La Ronde, in an exceptional site, many activities are possible. Let our guides explain the Marsh while you follow the traces of animals, they will also explain to you the hydraulic knot and the history of canals.


For sporty people or adventurous, take a kayak or a paddle, and sneak around the Marsh. After the discovery of canals, why don’t you take a bike or a rosalie and follow the « Velofrancette » for a different trip ?

In the summer, be the first to discover the marsh and have breakfast when you return, or you can reserve your picnic with local products and make a stop on water or on the site enjoy a gourmet experience while relaxing


A gift shop is open to allow you to discover local products (beers, « angélique », etc…) and you can deepen your visit with books. Drinks and glasses are here to refresh you.


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